Tenderness of feelings – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Do not oppose because in opposing the tenderness of the feeling level is crushed.

All action should be to nourish the fine feelings developed in the sidhis.

That is why we say speak the truth, but see that you are speaking delicately.

Do not speak the non-truth and do not speak in a non-sweet way, so that the feeling is nourished.

The effect of activity is to enrich the feeling of the other.

Be as delicate as possible.

If communication accomplishes something on the gross but damages something on the level of feeling, then it is a spiritual loss.

The feeling is more important for life.

Nourishment of the feeling level is the basis for growth of spiritual holistic value.

Delicate behaviour on the surface should be such as to nourish, uphold and enhance the transcendental value where feelings merge into a common source.

Do not oppose.

Opposition is dangerous for immortality.