Consciousness is primary - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is widely recognized as one of the foremost scientists in the field of consciousness.

Video Transcript :

Dr. Hagelin: Yes, Maharishi, the follow-up question was: what practical effects will this information that consciousness is primary have on our lives - on how we deal with the very real problems of disease, poverty, and war?

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: When we take primary to be consciousness, the mind, then more knowledge is awake in the mind. That means, more awake is the mind. More wakeful is the mind, he will make less mistakes. He will not make mistakes. This mind would be active under the influence of the total Natural Law, cosmic law, the law that governs the universe. And that law which governs the universe is infinite creative potential. Infinite creativity, infinite creative potential is that law which governs the universe. If our awareness becomes familiar with that - and for that, we are expert that is our field.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: We train the people, in Transcendental Meditation they open their awareness to transcendental field, and with some practice they become familiar with all the details of what is there in the transcendental field.

And they experience Veda. The Constitution of the Universe is there in the transcendental field. And functioning according to the constitution of the universe, no possibility of problem, no possibility of failure.

That is why, throughout the ages, throughout infinity, the tradition has been to be Vedic consciousness. Vedic means consciousness of total knowledge. And that is what we teach, that is our expertise. We teach how easily the mind of a man can settle down and be awake in that field which is a field of all possibilities, total natural law.

"Will of God" when we say "Will of God" we feel so happy, such softness, such bliss, bubbles of bliss. That’s how, throughout the ages, different religions, different administrative systems, they have had this support to every single individual through education, through health care system, throughout all this different values of knowledge.

Now this knowledge has been mutilated, has been forgotten, the totality has been forgotten. So we are reviving, we are not doing anything new. We are reviving the forgotten area of total knowledge, that’s all. This Transcendental Meditation, this field of the Veda, Vedanta, and Yoga, and karma, and all this different areas of knowledge, nothing new, absolutely nothing new.

When people forget, they forget and begin to suffer. When the suffering goes a lot, then suddenly one wakes up, “where is the wrong, where is is the wrong?”, “everyone is suffering, everyone is suffering”. Then the right angles come up, and they all come up from the tradition of Vedic masters.

The tradition of Vedic masters, they all, ever, at any time, ever, when the revival comes, it comes from the storehouse of total knowledge, which is the Atma of everyone, which is the Veda, eternal Veda.

And we are the custodians of it. We are very happy to be the custodians of it. And we are very happy to have the distribution responsibility for such a golden gift to everyone in the world. That is our joy, to see every light blossoming in bliss and satisfaction and success.

It’s beautiful.

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