What is Transcendental Meditation
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I believe in Man. I believe in its untapped potential. I believe and I know from my own experience that Man has an immense latent potential within him, which is at his disposal.
The experience of our transcendental consciousness is this primordial experience for all individual or social evolution.
Qui sommes-nous ? Qui suis-je ? Ce que nous sommes dans notre nature (Ce que dit la science Vedique)

Who are we ? Who am I ? What is transcendence?

How to answer the question: “Who am I?"

We often define ourselves by our body, our name, our date of birth. The only certainty of our existence is that we think: "I think therefore I am". We can deduce that the subject will be found at the source of our thoughts. But what do we know about the source of our thoughts?

This experience is not an intellectual process; it is a matter of starting from the grossest level of our thoughts and spontaneously returning to the source of thoughts, to the level of our absolute and transcendental being. It is a natural, simple, and easy experience that the Transcendental Meditation technique makes possible.

Experience of the Self

When we allow ourselves to experience this source at the simplest level of our consciousness, beyond thought, we call it 'transcendence'. Because it is an area of great calm and peace, free from thought, it is also called 'pure consciousness'.

Self-knowledge must come primarily through direct personal experience.


At the basis of action is thought, just as at the basis of thought is our absolute transcendental being

Transcendence, what is this?

Beyond action, beyond all thought, and at the source of thought is the transcendental being, pure consciousness, the realm from which all thought arises. It is the fundamental level of the individual, the subject, the 'I', which is also known as the realm of the Absolute, of love and supreme bliss.

It's all in us

Transcendence is the source of our thoughts, the source of all that is best in everyone, the source of all the most beautiful human values. 

Happiness comes from this level of transcendence because love, peace, tranquillity, joy and energy come from this fundamental, absolute and unmanifest level.

Try transcendence

It is the direct and regularly repeated experience of this transcendence that leads us to evolve towards greater calm, peace, happiness, well-being, contentment, joy, love, energy and health.

Try transcendence twice a day, easily, without any effort, without forcing, in a natural way.

Simply restore the forgotten

For it is through this regular practice that we re-establish a normal and natural balance in our lives, for our own good and for the good of all.

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(1)"Cogito, ergo sum"

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