Maharishi - On the importance of Vastu, Vedic architecture for individual life


John Hagelin: A question from United Kingdom, a proposal was announced in The Times in Great Britain yesterday, to built a new town in south-east England, of one half a million houses, in order to relief the extreme pressure of housing in congestion in London. The consortium behind the report is asking advice from all quarters, on how best to proceed with planning the new city. What advice would Maharishi have for them?

Maharishi:  Vastu building, Vastu is a system of constructing homes and constructing villages. This is ancient Vedic architecture. Ancient Vedic architecture, there are rules for it. Walls will be the same, the roof will be the same, and everything will be the same, except the orientation of the building will be set. One of the features of the building is that the entrance should be in the direction of the rising sun.

Rising sun is supposed to be healthiest rays of the sun, healthiest rays of the sun, so the entrance of a home properly in the east is one of the directives of the Vedic architecture, and obviously make sense, that the entrance should have unobstructed rays of the downing sun. And there are calculations about it. The total thing when we consider Vedic architecture, the total thing amounts to have a connexion between the potential of the individual, which is cosmic, unbounded, infinite potential of the individual, energy and intelligence, and the individual level of it. So the individual is well connected with the cosmic, in its structure.

Structurally from inside from the field of consciousness, from the field of intelligence, individual is very well connected with the cosmic life. The home of the individual should therefore be in accordance or be in line with the cosmic structure. This is the ultimate picture of the Vedic architecture, Vedic architecture means architecture which takes into account total field of knowledge and total field of knowledge is that which connects the individual life to cosmic life, so Vedic architecture is helpful for the individual consciousness to be in tune with cosmic consciousness.

For the cost of the building it doesn’t make any difference, only the orientation, and mathematical calculations, the length of this and the height of this, how many doors and how many windows, and this and this ...
It’s a very supremely intelligence guided cosmic design, that is Vastu, that is Sthapatya Veda; it’s a section of total knowledge of natural law. It’s a section of total knowledge of natural law which connects and maintains connectedness of the individual with cosmic life.

It’s a very beautiful question that was raised. It’s such a joy to expound it.
Vedic architecture is a Veda in itself. This is Sthapatya Veda, the Veda, the knowledge of establishing. You establish a thing so that the thing in its isolated boundaries is not dislocated with the unbounded infinite boundless value of the universe. It maintains connection of the individual with the universe. This is the Vedic view of constructing building, Vedic view of establishing the cities, like that, ...

It’s a very beautiful value of the unseen quality of structuring life. And this unseen quality of structuring life is transcendental value of existence which is in the field of transcendental consciousness. That is my field, that is my speciality, transcendental experience. And all about transcendental value, so that Vedic architecture also comes within the range of my expertise. And I define this Vedic architecture as the architecture that maintains connectedness of the individual potential with the cosmic potential. And that is why; broadly speaking and finely speaking, individual is cosmic, individual is cosmic. Vedic value of architecture, it’s very beautiful.

Jai Guru Dev

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