Norman Rosenthal, M.D. - Scientific Bibliography on TM


One of the things about Transcendental Meditation (TM) that i've been particularly impressed with is the amount of quality research that's been done in that area in fact there are over 340 peer review articles.

Now for those who may not understand what a peer review article is, it is sent into a journal where peers, who are experts in the area, look the article over, determine that it's a quality product, make comments and suggestions which the author than has to incorporate - and only after those steps is the article published.

And having been both a journal writer and a journal reviewer, I can attest that it's quite rigorous process. So the fact that there are more than 340 articles in multiple different areas means that there's a very substantial body of research on this particular technique.

A lot of it is very impressive. One area that is particularly interesting is the cardiovascular area, where there as been a repeated reduction in blood pressure, a reduction in cardiac mortality, and a reduction in mortality in general.

It has occurred to me, that if a pharmaceutical company had a pill which was capable of doing all of these things, and they had all these studies that showed how much help it could give - that pill would be a billion dollar blockbuster.