The Beatles' and Celebrities' Meditation
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Pénélope Cruz

In January 2019 she declared in Marie Claire Magazine: “I’ve always done something—meditation and yoga and therapy,” she says. “I feel like I constantly need to be emptying the glass, you know? I’m not scared of looking back. It’s a fascinating part of life”.

On the occasion of the release of the film "Cuban Network" by Olivier Assayas, Penelope Cruz gives an interiew in French where looks back at her career and her life. She briefly mentions her practice of Transcendental Meditation: "What does our era inspire you? I'm worried by nature, but there is so much reason to be. Before, I spent a lot of time in front of news channels, it was too anxiety-provoking. Now I just watch CNN once a day, and read the "New York Times" and "El Pais". I went back to Transcendental Meditation".


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