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Prevention is the only permanent cure for every kind of negativity
And it's possible to create a very strong influence of harmony, positivity, happiness and peace on earth as a whole.

It's very easy to create, and that is what our program is: to create a strong light, in order that the darkness will never be found in the environment

We have the knowledge to create World Peace - Maharishi September 4, 2002

In the year 2002 during which allies were preparing the invasion of Iraq, the partisans of peace were seeking a way to avoid war and the resulting collateral damage.
Maharishi explains that to achieve a stable peace we must generate peace with groups of peacekeepers practicing the techniques of consciousness, such as the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Siddhi techniques.
Already it has been documented that large groups of peacekeepers practicing the TM program have resulted in lowering crime, accident and sickness rates in the surrounding areas.
Maharishi explains how the creation of 3,000 of these palaces of peace in the world would be enough to bring an era of peace across the globe.

Dr Michael Dillbeck: A question has come from the associate press. The members of the current US Government appear very divided about what to do with regard to Iraq. And leaders from past administration continue to urge the President not to act rashly. Do you have any comments about this division and what it indicates about the United States national consciousness?

Maharishi: My opinion on that will be that if someone is thought to be naughty. By punishing him, that tradition of mistakes will never come to an end. In order to eliminate wrongs in the world, the only effective way will be to create a very strong influence of harmony and peace. And it's possible to create a very strong influence of harmony, positivity, happiness and peace on earth as a whole. It's very easy to create, and that is what our program is: to create a strong light, in order that the darkness will never be found in the environment.
Punishing this or punishing this, for this reason or that reason, punishments have continued throughout the ages, but crime has not been eliminated, negativity has not been eliminated, wars have not been eliminated, but now with the Vedic tradition we have the total custody of natural law, we have total knowledge of natural law that prompts us to prevent wrong in the world.
Prevention is the only permanent cure for every kind of negativity.
So I would advise US, because US is a very strong government, probably the most powerful government in the world, to take this knowledge of creating a very strong influence of harmony in the world consciousness, and then for ever and ever prevention from wrong will be established in the world.
It will be very wise; it will be very prudent for the most powerful country in the world to take recourse to my knowledge of total natural law to prevent the birth of an enemy, to prevent the sprouting of any negativity in the world.
So, not only in this generation in this year or next year or ten years, but for ever.
If the world consciousness is rendered on high level of coherence, then these dark patches of punishing this, or punishing this, they will not.
If the goal is, if the target is to free the world from negativity, to free the world from problems, come with me and we’ll create, very quickly we can create, because we have the knowledge.
Just a few 30, 40, 50 thousand people is not much in the world.
And to engage 40, 50 thousand people is not much of a thing.
The advice to the United States will be: Take a step so that, for all time in future, negativity will not be faced by any government on earth. Problems will not arise for any nation in the world. This can easily be done by US.
When the prevention can be instituted, it’s wise to do it.  It's wise to do it.  That's all that can be said in answer to this thing.

Dr Michael Dillbeck: Maharishi this question from a news producer in Atlanta. What is the definition of peace? And how does individual peace relate to the peace of the world?

Maharishi: It’s very easy to relate the individual to peace because basically the nature of individual is peace. The Self of the individual, the Atma of every individual, the essential consciousness of the individual, has a nature in bliss. Bliss is the nature of the Self of everyone. And therefore, one has the right to live his peace. This is the peace of the individual.
Peace in the world would mean the association of individuals with their own consciousness, a few individuals, that we are going to create groups of individuals here there and everywhere.
We have the program of creating 3000 peace palaces in the world. We call it a palace, a residence of peace.
Palace is the residence of the ruler. We want peace to rule the world.
So we establish 3000 capitals of world peace where peacemakers will be living, and through their programs, through their Vedic programs, through their programs these peacemakers will maintain peace in their group and from the group peace will radiate.
Peace is the essential nature of life, so not much has to be done.
Only the contact of the mind with the inner regions of consciousness will keep the mind in peace.
So peace is a quality of life which goes with satisfaction. It doesn’t go with the stress. A stressed body; a stressed mind will not be a peaceful mind. A relaxed body, a relaxed mind that would mean a fulfilled mind, a problem free mind, will be a peaceful mind.
As Dr Hagelin has indicated in the introduction today that the basic difficulty is that every government is governed by the man made constitutions, and man made constitutions are not perfect.
God made constitution, natural law which governs the universe.Natural law governs the universe. Infinite diversity of the universe is governed by perfect order, and this perfect order is maintaining peace in the whole galactic universe.
So knowledgeable people have the program for peace on earth.
We are going to create a complementary government imitating the government of natural law which governs the universe with perfect order.
And always short range policy, long range policy, the administration of natural law is short range and long range, a perfect administration.
So why not, when we have the knowledge, Veda is that ancient knowledge of natural law which can create a very perfect harmonious peaceful fulfilled life free from problems.
Let’s join hands in raising groups everywhere and these groups will be automatically radiating peace, and then conflicts will be lacking in human society, problems will not be there in any nation.  We can create a very ideal world for all our people on earth. Our whole world family will live in peace and always peace.
Because these peace palaces will house those peacemakers which will maintain peace in the area. Three thousand (3000) will be completely enough in the world with one big nucleus in India of those Vedic pundits whose tradition is the tradition of activity, daily activity according to the Veda. Veda means knowledge, total knowledge of natural law. So a big group in India and groups all over the world, this will create peace. And in the absence of problems and stress and strain, each government will have a peaceful time, a problem free time. Negativity will not sprout in that, just like the darkness doesn’t overtake in the presence of light.
So we have a chance, and not all the people in the world have to do it, just some.
So we are trying to bring that day for the world as fast as nearest as possible where everything will be cordial, harmonious, elevating to everyone, “help thy neighbor” and all these beautiful concepts of religious life and ideal social life will all be spontaneously practiced.
So it’s good news for the world that there is a group, our group in different parts of the world. They are solely devoted to creating peace on earth, and the day will not be far when the success will be registering a permanent peace on earth. Conflicts will not be there and all those negative things.
After all, punishing is very painful to life. And wherever there is pain to life there is not harmony, and the nature of life being bliss it doesn’t behoove anyone to punish anyone, nor to beat anyone, or to destroy anyone, it’s all in ignorance.

If 50 demonstration projects and 23 published scientific studies can be believed, the answer is Yes.

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Modern science has established that a group of 9000 world peace professionals, trained in unified field-based technologies of consciousness, can create lasting peace in the world.

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