Economy is the display of consciousness

Economy is the display of consciousness; and if the consciousness of the economist does not have that balanced character which balances dynamism with silence, as described in the phrase YOGASTHAH KURU KARMÂNI (Get to your Self and perform) it will not have that Vedic quality – Samhitâ quality of Rishi, Devatâ, Chhandas – unified quality of ADHYÂTMÂ, ADHIDAIVA, ADHIBHÛTA – silence upholding dynamism – silence and dynamism together – the quality of lively Totality.
Therefore economy will not be balanced; the dynamism of economy will always wear the economist out – he will not have the infinite reservoir of energy and intelligence always at his disposal. It is like the dynamism of a wave unconnected with the ocean; at some point when the high crest of the wave becomes unconnected with the ocean, then it breaks down and falls flat..”
"Celebrating Perfection in Administration – Creating Invincible India", 2004

« Bhagavad-Gîtâ », 48th verse of 2nd chapter, <transcendentalmeditationblog>

योगस्थः कुरुकर्माणि Yogasthah kuru karmâni