Real PTSD Relief for our Veterans

Video Transcription:

"The first 15 years I was in the army, really a nice place to be, but I didn't have no idea that it was gonna turn into the terrible thing that it turned into."

"I woke up about 30 days later after being in a coma."

"I went from an able-bodied person to someone that had to rely on somebody in the blink of an eye."

"I was the only one that made it home. That was hard. I was solely responsible for those boys."

"We were attacked. The first night I killed 14 people."

"I was on meds and stuff for a while. I just didn't feel like that was healing me. I actually felt like I was just a different person."

"Anger issues, stress issues. I just didn't care, you know? And I was taking it out on everybody."

"All these people don't understand you. They don't realize that you're always still in the rubber plantation of the jungle."

"I woke up one day as an alcoholic. Out of control, marriage is gone, career is shot."

"I stood in the window ledge and shut my eyes and said a prayer and was about to jump."

"I put my pistol to my head in front of my wife and young daughter and said I was gonna kill myself."

"I know what got me into that window ledge but I also know what got me out of that window ledge and why I'm here now. To know that something as small of a concept of 20 minutes, twice a day, can make me feel like I feel now. That's a gift that you can't buy."

"All that feeling of stress and all that feeling of heaviness, I could feel it melt away."

"I'm more content than I've ever been, more in love with my life, with my wife, with my kids, with my job, with my circumstances."

"For the first time in I don't know how long I felt hope. That's made me a better father, a better husband. It changed everything."

"The anger is gone. The irritability is on a lesser scale. It's made me happy. It's made my family happy. It's the most positive thing I've done."

"You don't have to suffer anymore. There's a better way. Just try this, I promise you, this will make it better."

"I would recommend to any other veteran that's suffering from PTSD. I feel like a complete changed person. I just feel great."

"I've never felt this good in life, I don't think."

"I could not believe what happened. It was the difference between heaven and hell. It was absolutely transformational."


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Over the past 40 years, more than 350 published research studies have documented the positive effects of the TM technique.


Research findings include:

  • 40-55% reduction in symptoms of PTSD and depression
  • 42% decrease in insomnia
  • 30% improvement in satisfaction with the quality of life
  • 25% reduction in levels of plasma cortisol, the stress hormone

Other documented benefits of the TM technique include:

  • Decreased high blood pressure
  • 47% reduced risk of cardiovascular-related mortality
  • Decreased smoking and alcohol use
  • Faster recovery from stress
  • More positive self-concept

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