Enmity and war by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

“The enemy has no strength of his own. The enemy advances on the road that the people of this country provide him. And the road on which the enemy advances is built on the tensions of the individuals.

If you want to cut-off the roads and stop the enemy from advancing, release the tensions of the nation. Cease to be the generators of tensions and, instead, become the generators of peaceful and harmonious influence in the surroundings. The enmity of the enemy will be lost!

The enemy will not be required to be killed. And you will save the danger of being killed by the enemy. It is the enmity of the enemy that is the root of war. It’s not the person, not the nation, not the enemy – but the enmity! And the enmity is provoked in him by the collective atmosphere of tension.

When we go into scientific investigation of war and peace we come to the conclusion that it’s not the enemy that is at fault. It is the cause which has provoked the enmity in the enemy. And the cause lies on THIS side!”

- Maharishi, Public Lecture, USA, 1966

Comment: Therefore it is highly necessary that every country will have its own “Coherence-Creating Group” that will practice, professionally or as a part of their educational training, Transcendental Meditation and TM Sidhi Programme

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Modern science has established that a group of 9000 world peace professionals, trained in unified field-based technologies of consciousness, can create lasting peace in the world.