Don't fight the darkness, Bring the light and darkness will disappear - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi :

Penetrating into the finer fields of physical structure and eventually locating that infinite order that maintains knowledge and its application, on the same level of awareness : Transcendental Consciousness.
It' a beautiful achievement and we enjoy.
We'll float in bliss on this level of achievement.
And from here we are functioning in the world on a principle that : "Bring the light and darkness will disappear".
"Bring the light and darkness will disappear".
You don't have to fight the darkness to be out of the hall.
No, Don't fight !
Today's world is full of fighting.
Politics is full of parties, full of fighting.
Our principle is "Peace, lively peace in human awareness. And that will create lively peace in the collective consciousness".
We have come to know a few people, practicing this dynamism in peace, which is "yogic flying".
The body lifts up in the air.
When the body lifts up in the air, mind and body, the field of consciousness and the field of physiology are in perfect attunement.
With one impulse that "I want to get up." Immediately, the thoughts takes the physical body... rise up in the air.
So this phenomenon. this program comes from the vedic literature, which we now understand to be : The text of the constitution of the Universe.
Text of total natural law.
And this text of total natural law could be made consciously, lively in the individual mind.
And then the individual mind functions completely within the capacity of total natural law.
Total natural law is the constitution of the universe.
It is known to us through experience, through understanding, from the vedic literature (the kshetra of the Veda) and from now, the discoveries of the modern physical sciences.

So the whole thing is very reliably in our hands, and we are establishing these groups here, there and everywhere.
Establishing these groups requires training in all these programs of Transcendental Meditation, advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation, and far advanced techniques of Yogic Flying.


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