Maharishi’s Lecture at Harvard Law School Forum in 1968 (Extract) - Being is the source of thoughts and the source of fulfilment by the unfoldment of full mental potential


Our Absolute Being, being located at the source of thoughts, it cannot be reached by the mind or the senses.
However, it can be experienced through the technique of Transcendental Meditation.  This experience repeated on a daily basis allows the development of the full mental potential, satisfaction and personal growth.


People ask me if it is possible for all the people in the world to start using their full mental potential?

I say it’s not only possible, it is easy.

Because, if we can teach all the people in the world “A B C D”, why can’t we teach them from where A starts, and from were B starts? It doesn’t take much time, in the same course, only to go a little back.

Thought and speech, go back to the subtle state of thought, find the source of thought and having found this source of thought, the conscious mind expands.

By the time the conscious mind experiences, the source of thought the conscious capacity expands to the fullest possible value. One starts using full mental potential.

This source of thought fortunately is the field of Being.

A new field of life, with which we are not generally familiar, because our awareness is thrown out all the time through the process of thinking and speaking.

We think and speak and act.

Awareness is projected outside.

All the time we are aware of things: Waking state of consciousness or aware of dreams (dreaming state of consciousness), or our consciousness doesn’t experience anything (deep sleep of consciousness).

Either our consciousness is projected, our awareness, our attention is projected from inward to outward through the process of thinking and speaking, or we don’t project our consciousness, we sleep.

Never has it been that our attention is brought from the outer gross to the inner subtle, to the innermost source of thinking, and that is the reason why the basic element of life, the field of Being, has not been discovered, has not been experienced, has not been made aware of.

And once we are not aware of some feature of our life we remain depart from the advantage of it.

The bank may be there but if we don’t know it, it is as well as not Being there.

The Being is there. Inner Being, what is this Being?

Field of action, we are familiar with, and we know in order to act we must think.

Thinking is the basis of action.

Have we ever thought what is the basis of thinking?

What we must do in order to think?

At least “Be”. We must at least “Be” in order to think. We must at least exist. Existence or Being is the basis of thinking, as thinking is the basis of action.

These are the three fields of life.

But as long as our awareness is not brought to the field of Being, we remain depart from the knowledge of the very basis of life.

Basis of life is Being, pure Existence.

All that exists in the field of thought and action, all that exists in the multiple creation, all that exists on the basis of existence, Being. And Being is absolute reality of life.

Life expresses itself through thinking and action, but this expression of thinking and action is the expression, the manifestation of the unmanifest pure Being, pure consciousness, pure awareness.

This pure awareness is the source of thought, the source of word from within.

Therefore, by tracing back the process of thinking, by experiencing the subtlest state of thought, the mind arrives at the source of thought, it comes to the field of Being, which is bliss consciousness in it’s nature. Being is bliss consciousness.

Throughout the world the same contention that if you want to be spiritual you have to abandon the material, and if you are materially minded then you can’t enjoy the spiritual bliss consciousness. Either bliss or this. But it’s not that.

We are born to enjoy this and this, and this with this, outer and inner, material and spiritual.

100% material glories of outer world, and 100% inner spiritual bliss of Being.

Both we live and enjoy simultaneously and this is the modern aspiration of living 200% of life, brought about by that technique of Transcendental Meditation.

When the outer life is moving toward the inner, and when the inner life brings fulfilment to the aspiration of outer life, because it is bliss consciousness, it is infinite happiness, and the search of outer is always toward happiness, so the outer seeking relative life finds the goal, the fulfilment in the inner absolute experience.

When this is the situation, then there is no difficulty.

Every man is born to live the 200% of life.

Only, the education is missing. The knowledge about the inner Being is missing.

The knowledge about this technique is missing.

Thousands of generations have died is search of the inner experience, in search of spiritual experience, trying hard to control the mind. And control does not accomplish the purpose. Control of mind, no. This truth is realised in these days of freedom. This is the age of freedom. In freedom one wants to live 200% of life. This reality that control is an obstruction to fulfilment, a common law in nature. Everything that is created grows, every plants grows and grows. Growth, progress, evolution is brought about in a natural way. Control offers resistance to progress, to movement. Control is opposed to evolution.

Studying the mind, mind is going towards greater happiness. When you control it, you’re offering a resistance to progress. This is the finding of this age.

Something of basic nature, this one basic mistake about the nature of mind and the nature of inner Being, is responsible for hundreds of generations to continue to suffer.

With this pool of happiness inside, with this ocean of happiness inside, with this bliss consciousness which is the nature of the mind, the essential nature of the mind is bliss consciousness, with this ability, there is no reason for any man to suffer on any account.

But without the contact with this inner treasury, all suffering prevails.

Once we have found this fact, we can only feel sorry for all these hundreds all generations which have gone by.

Trying to work hard on the principle of control and accomplishing stress and strain continuously. That’s not the way to fulfilment.

Transcendental Meditation, natural simple method, mind wants to enjoy more. It provides the experience of finer state of thoughts which is more charming.

Increasing charm in the inward direction draws the mind automatically without mind trying to go that way, it is found gone that way.

This is Transcendental Meditation which connects the outer material glories of life with the inner spiritual Being.

Alternating the experience of inner Being and outer waking state of consciousness, inner pure transcendental consciousness, outer waking state of consciousness.

Alternating these experiences, the nervous system gains the ability of reflecting both states of consciousness simultaneously, inner and outer. Waking state of consciousness and bliss consciousness both begin to be reflected by the same nervous system at the same time. And this is the state of integration [from Cosmic Consciousness to Unity Consciousness].

« Maharishi’s Lecture at Harvard Law Forum – DVD NTSC », <MIU Press>, Other link : <Vimeo>

By Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Black and white, 60 minutes

Recorded in 1968

Filmed by local PBS station WGBH, Maharishi offers “something which is so essential to life and that has been overlooked.” Maharishi gives an Introductory Lecture with characteristic humour, warmth, serenity, authority, and insight.