The Beatles' and Celebrities' Meditation
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Ringo Starr’s Big Birthday Show 80 and the David Lynch Foundation

Ringo Starr: I want to tell you a bit about the David Lynch Foundation.

Anyone who knows me now I love gifts, and one of the best gifts I ever got was from the Maharishi, who gave me my mantra and taught me to meditate.

David Lynch has carried on this incredible work and has been given this gift to people in need, like kids in the inner cities, and soldiers with PTSD, and now healing the healers, we have to thank the healers for looking after us. They have been on the front line of this pandemic. David Lynch is just incredible, he's incredible.

Voice: Hospitals are in crisis. Thousands of health care providers have been infected with Covid-19 and already six hundred have died. And many health care workers who are in the worse hit areas are expected to develop post-traumatic stress.

Healer: There's no words to express the level of anxiety you feel in the actual workplace. I still haven't hugged or kissed my children in about a month or so.

Voice: The David Lynch Foundation Center for Health and Wellness offers the healthcare provider wellness program which includes at its basis the stress reducing evidence based Transcendental Meditation technique (TM).


Healer: TM has really been an anchor and a great support for me.

I feel like it replenishes my inner strength.

I'm able to take care of people that are coming in, being empathetic and comforting.

I love TM.

David Lynch: Happy Birthday Ringo. Have a great year pal! Peace and Love to You.

One of the best gifts I ever got was from the Maharishi, who gave me my mantra and taught me to meditate



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